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Ever met a sun with style? That’s our Ray! With snazzy shades, he’s not just the hottest 'plug' in solar, he’s also your guide in the vast world of solar energy.

Whether you’re calculating energy bills, or you're a solar provider wanting to connect with customers, Ray’s your guy.

Why Team Up With Ray? With 30+ years of experience in digital performance matchmaking, Ray has got your back. He's the trusted plug for homeowners looking for ways to reduce energy bills, and for providers, dealers, and installers looking to build new residential solar relationships.

Stay Solar-Informed With our direct-to-inbox content delivery, you're always in the loop. Forget about missing out due to unpredictable algorithms or crowded news feeds.

Join a Sunlit Community Connect with fellow rs who are just as passionate about solar energy. Together, we shine brighter.

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